Our Mission to Eradicate Worldwide Challenges in Healthcare

Our focus from the start was to provide better healthcare and simplified EHR for everyone. Since 1997, RioMed has worked towards providing a top- notch HIMS solution, Cellma, made for any sized healthcare institutions and various departments across the globe. 

In 2023, we launched Cellmaflex in Caribbean markets, our all-in-one healthcare hub for doctors and patients. It’s an end-to-end practice management software solution to cater to small clinics, pharmacies, imaging services, and lab services across the Caribbean region. On the other hand, it is a digital healthcare hub that helps patients book appointments, manage medical records, and find nearby care anytime, anywhere. 

Our team of experts brings together their knowledge in technology, development, customer service, and ensures to bring the best HIMS and PMS solution to improve healthcare organisations. 

Join us in our mission to make a better future in healthcare for everyone! 


RioMed: Your Trustworthy Partner

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Our Products- Bringing You the Best in RioMed


Unify, Adapt, Thrive 

Discover Cellma, the modular healthcare software solution designed to adapt to the unique needs of healthcare institutions, clinics, pharmacies, and specialist departments. Cellma is not just a solution; it’s the future of healthcare management, ready to reform your organisation’s operations.


Healthcare Appointments,
a Tap Away!

Eliminate the waitlist, book it in a flash with Cellmaflex! This portal puts healthcare appointments at your fingertips. No more endless calls, just seamless scheduling for a smoother healthcare journey. 


Your Ultimate Health

Explore a world of specialised care at your fingertips with our Specialties section. Discover the ease of navigating through our specialised offerings, designed to meet the distinct needs of each medical department. 

Our Portals- Connecting to the care you need, Anytime, Anywhere!

Vaccination Portal 

Register. Schedule. Done. Your vaccination simplified

Protect yourself effortlessly. Our one-stop vaccination portal lets you register for any jab, track appointments, and receive post-vaccination reminders. Secure your certificate, get informed, and stay healthy – all in one place. 

Referral Portal

Fast-Track Your Access to Specialists

Welcome to your premier healthcare referral portal. Cellma’s referral portal ensures precision care by uniting medical expertise fostering a collaborative healthcare ecosystem.

Patient Portal

Feedback and follow-up, all in one place 

Forget endless phone calls and waiting on hold! Now, you can chat directly with your doctor about your recent visit and share feedback about your health, illness, or injury. This is all thanks to our new online tool called a patient portal.


Compliances & Honors

Your Security, Our Priority

Reliable Partner in Health and Social Welfare!

We the RioMed family believe that providing the better care to patients can not only be delivered through comprehensive solutions but also giving back to the community to whom we are committed to provide a value- based care. We collaborate and sponsor with various organisations who arrange health and social events aiming to positively impact society.  

Check out our gallery page where you can immerse yourself in the visual essence of RioMed’s commitment to excellence in healthcare and social welfare. 

Become A Part of RioMed

Are you passionate about shaping the future of healthcare technology? 

Look no further – RioMed invites you to become an integral part of our dynamic journey as a leading healthcare IT company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is HIMS, EMR and EHR?

HIMS stands for Hospital Information Management Software, it is a comprehensive information management system designed to simplify the workflows in hospitals and manage the administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of a healthcare facility. Its purpose is to streamline the healthcare operations, improve patient care and enhance the efficiency. To fulfil this purpose HIMS consists of two important components Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR).  

EMR is a digital version of patient’s medical record containing patients medical and treatment history of one single organisation. These records cannot be share with other healthcare organisations. On the other hand, EHR is a comprehensive digital version of patients record which stores entire patient journey and give a broader view of patient’s health which can be shared with other healthcare organisations. 

What is Cellma?

Cellma is a robust HIMS solution that combines of both EMR and EHR. It has more than 30 specialities that suit each and every need of a healthcare institution. It simplifies healthcare operations by providing a centralised platform for managing patient data. Cellma consists of 30+ modules which can be tailored according to the requirement of healthcare providers. 

What is Practice Management Software?

Practice management software (PMS) is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify operational, financial, administrative and clinical aspects of medical practices. PMS tool gives a platform where patients can book doctor appointments online at their convenience through their integrated patient portals. 

What is Cellmaflex?

Cellmaflex is PMS tool deployed in Caribbean countries which provides an online platform for patients and other healthcare providers to connect. Cellmaflex allows patients to book online doctor appointment through Cellmaflex doctor directory. Patients can easily access their patient records anytime anywhere.  

Cellmaflex also provides other healthcare providers such as labs provider, imaging provider and pharmacies to be registered on Cellmaflex.  

How RioMed ensures security, privacy, and quality of patient data?

At RioMed, we ensure 100% data security for our clients as it is our top priority.  

Our flagship product, Cellma is compliant with the DSP Toolkit, Cyber Essentials Plus, and Risk Ledger Assessment requirements. 

Cellma also full fills GDPR requirements and provides security controls to protect patient data. We are also accredited with ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 14001 for environmental responsibility, and 27001 for information security management.  

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